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3 main store news for our customers in 2020

1. You can request price lists (price catalog) of new research substances by sending a request to the e-mail of the main manager of our store:

[email protected]

Bitcoin Bonus

2. Our store has completely switched to a manual cryptocurrency payment method. Now you get bonuses when you first buy our products with Bitcoin cryptocurrency and others:

1. order-payment bitcoin, 3% discount
2. order-payment bitcoin, 5% discount
3. order-payment bitcoin, 10% discount
Reserving orders and payments bitcoin, 15-20% discount.

3. Our website will soon be available on the onion mirror, bypassing various locks. Also, our development team began work on creating the most democratic forum for designer substances, where we can find new partners and put in new sellers of research substances, where our customers can communicate and write reviews about new developments and share other information with each other. Protecting the information of our users will be one of the main priorities in the development of this forum. Our team also came up with a method in which you can pay for your purchases from other sellers with minimal risks for yourself.

We build our business in such a way that our users experience comfort and pleasure, and our motto is a quality product at affordable prices with maximum security for our customers.

Always your team

6 thoughts on “3 main store news for our customers in 2020

      1. i am interested in all off your products. Ihave had some difficulties on the first
        payment which is probably due to my poor skills on computer. But i tend now to pay in bitcoin.I am looking forward to the start off our business relation.

  1. I would like a catalogue so I can study and do the calculations for my next purchase. May Imget one please?

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